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Inspections done by a Registered Builder and Engineer with 30+ Years’ Experience

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The ‘Quick and Dirty’ Pre-Purchase Inspection.  If you have not yet put in an offer or do not want to pay too much for an inspection, this is a walk around inspection with a hand marked-up checklist covering off on major points, followed by an e-mail of the major findings only. 

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Reports.  A detailed report of all building elements on site.  Where most (unqualified) inspectors only report based on AS 4349.1 – 2007: Prepurchase Inspections – Residential Buildings, PCMConcepts comments on compliance with other relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  Reports are not a ‘tick and flick’ sheet, but detailed commenting on all aspects of the building.  They contain plenty of photographs with detailed explanations.  In addition, clients receive free advice on forthcoming maintenance items. PLUS, we won’t just say what issues have been found, we explain the likely cause of the problem AND recommend repair methodologies.  Pool safety included FREE!

Pre-Sale Inspection Reports.  If you are a seller, contact PCMConcepts for a report that will advise items that may need attention prior to placing the property on the market.  By spending a small amount of money up front, prospective purchasers will see a house that is well presented with very few (if any) outstanding maintenance items.  Remember, you only get one first impression -  make it count!  Pool safety included FREE!

Construction Milestones. Depending upon the size and configuration of the house, PCMConcepts will inspect work undertaken at various stages and either recommend progress payments be made or identify what items need to be finished by the builder prior to payment.  While most builders are reputable and do not intentionally do the wrong thing, we have noted that many inspections result in finding something that the builder has missed.  Reporting on this does two things:  Firstly, it gives you peace of mind that everything you have paid for is being done properly.  Secondly, it assists the builder as remedial works after completion can prove very costly. 

Practical Completion Inspections.  It is always a good idea to get an unbiased professional look over the job prior to handover.  At PCMConcepts, we will inspect compare to the plans.  We will get into the roof, look at all surfaces including wet area falls, plaster, paint, cabinetry etc and ensure that the level of workmanship is within acceptable standards and that they comply with the BCA and Australian Standards.  A detailed report will be provided with plenty of photographs and a clear statement of whether acceptable or if the builder has a responsibility to return and fix prior to handover.

Pool Safety Inspections. Did you know that around five children drown each year in WA? That is five too many.  Children drown silently in just a few minutes.  Therefore, it is vitally important that barriers are effective so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your children and neighborhood children.  We undertake pool safety barrier checks to ensure compliance with AS1926 - Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.  We believe it is so important that we do not charge for barrier inspections when we undertake other inspections (except Quick and Dirty). If a barrier inspection alone is required, sorry, but we need to charge for that.

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