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Inspections done by a Registered Builder and Engineer with 30+ Years’ Experience

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Pricing (Special on Pool Safety Barriers)

At PCMConcepts we know that our pricing represents the best value for money on the Internet.  Sure, you may be able to get inspections done a bit cheaper, but they will not be as comprehensive or undertaken by someone as highly qualified and experienced as when they are done by PCMConcepts.  In fact, chances are they will not be qualified at all!

After all, if you are going to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property, do you really want to compromise on the quality of the person undertaking the inspection and the report for the sake of a few dollars?

The difference is in the reporting and that the inspection will be undertaken by an Engineer AND a WA Registered Builder with over 30 years experience.  PCMConcepts provides comprehensive, easy to understand reports.  The reports have plenty of photos and even provide free advice on how to remedy defects.

Of course, these are examples and all include GST.  The actual price will depend upon the location, age, condition, construction materials used and size of the property. 

Our Construction Milestone Inspections vary depending upon the size of house, number of levels and how many inspections are required.  A discount is applied if all inspections are undertaken by PCMConcepts.  Typical inspections include Slab, Plate Height, Roof Frame, Lockup and Practical Completion.  Of course, you can tailor the number and type of inspections to suit your requirements.  At lockup, we prefer to do the inspection just after waterproofing has been completed, but prior to tiling starting.  That way, we can check to make sure that your waterproofing complies to Australian Standards.

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